Happy New Year! Due to COVID we’ve had to make a few changes.

We wish everyone a new year full of joy, good health and safe travels. COVID has required us to examine how we do everything, including how we continue to keep our business open and keep everyone safe. We are fortunate that our building has separate ventilation systems on each floor, including closed systems (Mitsubishi split-system heat pump) in each guest room. 

To further enhance safety we are taking reservations for the first floor only, with only one reservation at a time. If you need more than one room, we are glad to reserve the other two rooms on the first floor. In summary, one group/couple/person at a time on the first floor of our B+B. Breakfast continues to be available in the dining room, brought to your room, or our new Coffee/Tea Only option at a discounted rate. 

Please call us at 614-203-7558 to help make your reservation or answer any questions. We appreciate your business and understanding. Cheers to 2021.

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